Startups need SEO just like any other company; in fact startups need SEO more than established companies. We love working with startups because we can customize SEO strategies that grow along with the company. We find that startups are scrapier, quicker to implement, have fewer limitations, and see great results. If you are involved in a startup here a few reasons you may want to consider Technical SEO:


From a branding standpoint it’s crucial to make sure that you are ranking well for your brand/company name. There’s nothing worse then having a great product that nobody can find online. As a startup the initial growth stages of the company are crucial and brand visibility is a great stepping stone for growth.

Product/Service Marketing

From a product standpoint you want people to be able to find your product/service. For example if you are a company like “Go Daddy,” you want to make sure that you are ranking well and are visible not only for your company name but also for terms that relate to your company or product; such as “web site hosting, “domain hosting, etc.” This is where a large amount of online customers come from. If you a startup it’s crucial to get this down ASAP.

Early Foundation for SEO strategy

You need a solid foundation from the very beginning so that you can build off of it. If your company starts small and is using an improper SEO approach, then once your company grows you are going to have to spend more time re-doing all of your SEO. We recommend that startups implement a proper SEO strategy from the ground up to make sure that they can save time and money in the long run.

Competitive Intelligence

Chances are you are not the only company in a particular space. You need competitive intelligence to understand what your competition is doing and what it is going after. This is essential from the get go as you want to make sure that your competition is not taking away potential clients from your company. As a startup, having a competitive edge can be a real revenue booster.

Growth and expansion

During the keyword research phase of SEO you can identity what your potential/existing customers are actually searching for, then you can build specific catered pages for them. There is no sense in building a page for a term or phrase (usually industry jargon) that your customers aren’t using. We consider this a big part of overall SEO efficiency.


You can use SEO as a marketing and PR tool. Oftentimes clients want to show that they rank #1 for a particular term because users think that #1 ranked site is usually the best and most relevant. You can also use SEO to knock down competitors or negative articles/press that has been written about you. Startups usually thrive off of and rely on positive and widespread PR so it’s important that it gets done properly.

Site Structure

Part of technical SEO is making sure that the site is operating smoothly as a whole. If you have a great site that isn’t being indexed properly or takes 30 seconds to load, then you might as well just take down your site. You must make sure that your site architecture and infrastructure is solid; remember you will be building on from here. We will work with your startup to make sure that your site architecture is created in such a way that it benefits search engines and your users.

Looks Vs. Usability

A lot of startups usually make their website pages as fancy graphical animations or flash/java pages with cool looking intros. You have to think about your site design from the user and search engine perspective. If you make a fancy looking site that search engines can’t read then you are in trouble. We can work with your startup to identify issues and come up with work-arounds or solutions that will let your company site keeps it’s “flair.”


Proper SEO also takes into account the conversion rate. If you are a startup then you are going to be looking to grow at a rapid pace and that means getting the highest possible conversion rate from your visitors. In addition to ranking well in the search engines you need to make sure that your site is going to convert visitors into customers. If you have a PPC campaign running we can work with your PPC team on strategies to increase conversions; from an SEO and an SEM standpoint. This will improve overall efficiency, keep costs down, and increase your conversions.

Social Media Optimization Strategy

Many startups are starting to use things like twitter, facebook, wordpress, etc. As a startup you want to make sure that you are capturing the highest possible SEO value from your social media platforms. We can provide guidance on social media strategies and social media optimization strategies. Don’t you want to get the most out of your social media efforts?

If you are a startup looking to work on some or all of the above issues we would love to help you. Contact us at 1.510.473.6949 and we can arrange a time to chat on the phone to go over your goals and objectives as well as identify some of your immediate issues, or email us directly at, or fill out this form to Contact SEO Consultants.

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